Hahn, White Lion’s parent agency, has acquired Statistical Vision.
Our new agency combines predictive data with powerful design to make the complex, irresistibly compelling.



Data: Your Most Powerful Marketing Tool

By leveraging multi-channel data, we give you control over the individual-level customer journey, enhance your targeted campaigns, and create more personal experiences for your users. The data that we test, collect, analyze, and share gives you valuable insights into what actions drive results.

Data-Driven Decision Making

Smart decisions begin with data. With the right information in hand, you can create scalable, repeatable marketing processes that drive growth across your organization. Instead of making decisions based on feelings or gut reactions, we harness digital insights to answer critical questions, guide strategy, and move your company in the right direction.

Audience Personas

By having a clear view of your audiences’ demographics, behavior, and preferences, you can speak to them on a far more personal level and engage them at every touchpoint. We help you discover the various types of personas within your target audience and show you how to utilize them to develop more customer-centered communications.

Market Insights

Gain a holistic view of your market and industry. We look for trends within your vertical, discover new audiences across different channels, and gain valuable insights into your competition. After conducting our market research, we go beyond just reporting to identify actionable insights that will help you drive performance and stay competitive.

Sales Goals & KPIs (Key Performance Indicators)

Before you attempt to improve your conversion rates, sales funnels, average order size, or other KPIs, it’s important to assess your current strategy and goals and identify areas for improvement. We help you determine what specific Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) you should measure and how to meet specific goals to drive growth and keep your employees engaged.

User Research

We test our ideas to make sure they work. We conduct consumer testing and interviews to get feedback from real users. By gathering rich, relevant data on consumer behavior and preferences, we can see which campaign or strategy will deliver the best results.

Design Thinking

Design thinking is a process for creative problem solving that focuses on the people you’re creating for and helps identify alternative strategies and solutions that might not be instantly apparent with your initial level of understanding. We help you recognize what’s desirable from a user’s perspective and what actions are technologically feasible and economically viable.

Measurement Plan

Our measurement plan will give you the tools you need to better understand your customer and marketing efforts. We use data integration and marketing measurement and optimization tools to track performance, measure ROI, and help you make better decisions. We identify which metrics matter most to your company and help you understand what the data means.

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