Hahn, White Lion’s parent agency, has acquired Statistical Vision.
Our new agency combines predictive data with powerful design to make the complex, irresistibly compelling.


Custom Applications

Smarter, Better, Faster

We design and deliver user-centric experiences that are engaging, responsive, and intuitive by integrating smart technologies into custom applications. These purpose-built apps are designed to help you make smarter decisions, give you better interactions with users, and drive faster adoption of your product and service.

Digital Experiences Brought to Life

Creating personalized digital experiences to reach and engage your target audience is pivotal in today’s dynamic and tech-driven economy. Live, automated chatbots, artificial intelligence (AI), and smart technologies bring you closer than ever before to your target audience and users. Our developers create custom applications to bring your digital experiences to life.

Using Web Technologies to Perform Essential Business Needs

We build custom enterprise-level applications that power critical business systems and enable you to work faster, leaner, and more efficiently. White Lion has extensive experience developing employee intranets, reporting tools, dashboards, and custom applications.


Custom-built applications make your business more efficient and move tasks from offline to online. From strategy and design to development, testing, and deployment, we build next-gen dynamic applications that are tailored exclusively to your business needs and goals.

Software Integrations

Most websites and tool stacks aren’t a stand-alone affair. You may have multiple software solutions responsible for handling various aspects of your operations. We bring disparate technologies together to create a single unified system to maximize your business operations and streamline your day-to-day workflow.

Cloud Engineering Solutions

Cloud-based technology has enabled organizations to conduct business from anywhere in the world. Operation management tools have moved from installed software to an always-on, available anywhere, dynamic solution. We help define your business and technical requirements and engineer a web-based solution to increase productivity and support your distributed workforce.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

By leveraging artificial intelligence to power search, chatbots, intelligent FAQs, and product recommendations, you can have immediate and personalized conversations with your audience. We use machine learning to distill data into intuitive user experiences to ensure your customers can get the right digital content at the right time in their purchase journey.

API Development & Integrations

As your tech stack grows, it is more critical than ever that your applications talk to each other and work together seamlessly. We specialize in developing enterprise-grade application programming interface (API) integrations that allow for flexibility and scalability to ensure your business operates in the most efficient way possible.

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