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O’Connell Robertson

Mission Driven

O’Connell Robertson is a design firm that offers architectural and engineering services. It has completed more than 1,000 projects, including new university, K-12 education, and healthcare facilities. Its services include interior design, electrical and mechanical engineering, energy conservation planning, and financial analysis. Clients include Texas A&M, the University of Texas, and the Metroplex Hospital. Established in 1950, the firm has offices in Austin and San Antonio, Texas.

The Challenge

O’Connell Robertson came to White Lion with an established reputation for designing high-quality buildings and interiors. They also showed up with a website that lacked the messaging to accurately reflect their story or their reputation. Their previous site was not mobile friendly and it wasn’t on the same level as the work they were putting out. Additionally, the site did not adequately demonstrate their expertise and experience to potential clients.

The Solution

After initial background and research, we got to work restructuring their web sitemap, developing a content strategy for delivering new messaging, and designed a new site that would feature their work and highlight the team across the site through improved messaging and imagery.

Wireframes and Design

We collaborated with the O’Connell Robertson team to map out information and develop a system for organizing content. This took the form of wireframes, design mockups, and strategy meetings with the client. We uncovered the need to highlight messaging and focus attention on not just the quality of their work but also the quality of their people.

WordPress Development

Need a WordPress website? We’ve been around the block with WordPress for some time. We developed a custom theme to give O’Connell Robertson a tailored WordPress experience and content management system to suit their specific needs. Now their site is easy to administer and manage. Admins can add new team members, projects, or even job listings with a few extra bells and whistles along the way.

Mobile-Friendly Experience

Having a website that includes a mobile-friendly experience is crucial to your success. Our sites are developed to include popular responsive web development techniques, allowing for an enjoyable reading experience for users no matter what device or screen size you are viewing the site on.


For O’Connell Robertson, we made sure to pay special attention to enhancing messaging across the site, and to optimizing that messaging for a mobile audience. This allows users to focus on content without distraction, and to better absorb the content they are reading.


Since the site launch, O’Connell Robertson has benefited from an improved presentation of their project portfolio. The design of the project pages highlights photography and special features of each engagement, providing a better opportunity to engage with potential clients. With an overall improved aesthetic, the site now represents their level of expertise in their industry, giving them a strong competitive advantage and an impressive digital presence.



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