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Homesite Designs

Build-Ready Plans for Your Dream Homesite

Homesite Designs provides build-ready plans for people seeking to craft their own custom homestead or family retreat. The unique approach allows customers to build dream homes through configurable plans and custom interiors. Without any modifications, owners can choose the number of structures, the options that correspond to their lifestyle, and configure them to maximize outdoor living experiences on their property.

The Challenge

Our task was to develop the brand, validate an audience of potential buyers, and create a road map for bringing the service online. To bring this concept to market, our challenge was to help Homesite Designs tell their story, illustrate their offerings, and attract prospects to gauge interest in their product and service.

The Solution

Through client and prospect interviews, our strategist gathered insights into the brand story that would resonate with their target audience. Our design team created a new brand with a logo and landing page complete with a virtual tour video we edited to help communicate the offering. Our marketing team then created a paid social media strategy to engage prospects, drive traffic to the website, and build an email list of leads.

Digital Marketing Road Map

As an initial engagement with Homesite Designs, White Lion conducted a Digital Marketing Road Map. The road map served as a deep dive into their brand proposition, target audience, pain points and where they are most likely to meet their audience online. This process helped us better understand their market’s behaviors and guide us to the best channels to gain traction.


A Digital Road Map is an easy first step to look before you leap. Contact White Lion if you are on the fence and need help in determining the next steps for bringing your project to life.


Creating Brand Design

Through early conversations with the client, we landed on a fireplace as the quintessential place where families would come together on their homesite. We created a logo brand system and color palette reminiscent of a fireside chat. This served as our guiding direction to create a sophisticated, warm and friendly design.

Building a One Page Marketing Website

Our design team created a conversion-focused landing web page to highlight Homesite Designs’ offering and direct visitors to an email sign-up form to stay informed. We created messaging and a wireframe to guide the creative direction and layout of the page. The client provided several high-quality photos of finished family homes and a video to help the audience envision themselves in their new home. We edited the video to match the new messaging and incorporated the branding of the new design. Behind the scenes, we included analytics tracking for both Google Analytics and Facebook to determine how frequently visitors are viewing the page and converting through the email sign-up.

Social Media Strategy

The objective for Homesite Design’s social media initiative was to determine the best creative to optimize for lead conversions (interested subscribers) using an incremental series of message testing on Facebook. We started with for primary ads with multiple variations across four campaign tests.


Through repeated testing and optimization we increased advertising efficiency with each campaign. As a result, Homesite Designs got in front of more people on Facebook at a lower cost while increasing their conversion rates to their website.


With a total of 27,285 impressions on Facebook, 573 ads were clicked to generate 113 new leads of interested users for their service. Throughout the campaign, we focused our tests on optimizing audience reach, cost per lead, and landing page conversions. The landing page conversion increased 2.5 times from Test 1 to Test 4 over a 30 day period.









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