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Texas Apartment Association

Serving the Texas Rental Housing Industry

The Texas Apartment Association is a non-profit statewide trade association that provides exceptional advocacy, education, and communication for the Texas rental housing industry.

The Challenge

With their previous website considered by members to be visually dated and difficult to navigate, TAA needed a website that would win members over with its ease of use. Content needed to be engaging and intuitive for members and prospective members, as well as the general public. It was equally important that the TAA team be able to manage the website content in-house.

The Solution

The new TAA site was designed and built with members in mind. Content on the site is presented in an easy-to-find fashion with various methods for visitors to track down what they are seeking. Using WordPress as the foundation, we included custom coded CMS tools to enable the TAA team to build out new pages with unique content layouts.

Conference Builder

TAA hosts an annual event for members. The event schedule and other associated information is built out throughout the year. A custom-built Convention Builder CMS tool enables the TAA team to create and order pages for schedules, exhibitors, resources, etc.

Finding Relevant Content

A consensus among TAA’s members was they found it difficult to find information on the previous website. There were challenges with both the information architecture and user interface (UI) which contributed to the confusion. We tackled this task by working closely with the TAA team to hone the intuitiveness of the new sitemap. We also included a keyword search component and dropdowns to targeted content which can be managed by the TAA team as new areas of the site need to take precedence. Lastly, we developed a bold, high-contrast design which created clarity between content and navigation.


With Google giving preference to mobile-friendly websites, it was imperative the new TAA site be responsive so it can reshape itself to any screen.


The TAA staff, their Board, and the members were all pleased with the website. And after one training session on the CMS tools, the TAA team has been thrilled to have the ability to add content — both members only and public — on the website themselves. The site now gets to live up to being a valued tool for the Texas apartment industry.

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Looks fantastic! We’re already getting a lot of positive feedback from our members so it’s turning into a huge success. Excellent work ya’ll.

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Vice President of Communications & Marketing at Texas Apartment Association



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