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Telecor is a leading manufacturer of day-to-day and emergency communication solutions for Education, Healthcare, Correctional, Commercial & Industrial markets. They are a Canadian-based company that has been in business for the last 40 years. Telecor offers complete process manufacturing – from the concept and design stages, through assembly, and training.

The Challenge

The Telecor site was visually dated and poorly organized, making it long overdue for a site redesign. The content and navigation were no longer reflective of the size of their offerings or perception they have in the communication industry. With a combined total of over 900 documents, videos, brochures, and case studies it was clear they would need a well-organized website along with a solution to manage all their materials.

The Solution

Telecor saw an opportunity to bolster their marketing efforts by redesigning their website with White Lion to better tell their story, illustrate their capabilities, and drive prospects to contact them. Once we understood target audiences and markets they wanted to reach, we were able to map out a new structure for the site with content arranged in a more meaningful manner. We developed a series of wireframes and mapped out content in collaboration with the client. Further, we developed a custom login area for various user types to access specific materials based on their user type.

Wireframes and Design

White Lion collaborated with the Telecor team to map out and create a system for organizing information. This took the form of wireframes, design mockups, and strategy meetings with the client. Given the Telecor product lines are available to several markets, we quickly uncovered the need to create associations between them. Once we were in agreement, we moved onto design where we presented typography, mockups, and design options.

WordPress Web Development

With our WordPress know-how, custom theming ability, and extensive plug-in knowledge we are able to quickly pull it all together for the whole site. We give our clients complete control of their content and create custom areas to do more than what WordPress allows out of the box.

Resource Center and Data Management

With over 900 manuals, datasheets, technical bulletins, software, and other file types, Telecor was in dire need of a more sophisticated system to manage their documents. For the Resource Center, we created a user login with sophisticated user capabilities for dealers of Telecor’s products. Third-party administrators are able to activate and deactivate their team members over time to maintain a tighter level of access.

Blazing Fast Document Search by Algolia

It’s a fact that users will not use your site if it takes too long to perform simple tasks like searching for a document. That’s why we use Algolia when we need a complex search feature as we did for the Telecor Resource Center. Not only is the keyword search fast, but users can also filter through various facets like products, solutions or even document types. This allows dealers to quickly find what they need and get back to business.

Mobile-Friendly User Experience

This site is much easier for Telecor users to navigate in comparison to their old site for the simple fact that we develop all our sites to be responsive and mobile-friendly. This means no matter what size you view the website on, our templates adjust to fit the device, whether that be a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer. No more painful pinching or pulling the screen to read the content for mobile devices.


The Telecor team has been thoroughly enjoying their new site. They now have a website that is modern, mobile friendly, accessible, and forward-thinking. Product dealers have a new Resource Center they can quickly find documents, manuals and datasheets and administrators can better manage team members. Overall we are very proud of the new Telecor website and look forward to supporting the site as they continue to be the leading manufacturer of emergency communication solutions.



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