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Robert Nabbe

Senior Developer

About Robert

Robert, Dutch, hopped the pond almost 10 years ago and chose the burbs over the city, such bravery. His fascination for the web dates back to the Angelfire and Geocities era, when ‘under construction’ gifs, text marquees, and comic sans were impressive feats of both design and development. Still, the incredibly rapid development of web technology keeps him on his toes (happily so).

When not working, Robert loves spending time with his family. He’s an avid reader, enjoys listening to and making music, and trying out new whiskies.

Extraordinary Interest:

  • Mediocre musician
  • Amateur woodworker
  • Rad Dad™
  • Whisky snob
  • Book snob
  • Music snob
  • Film photographer

Favorite Quote:

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Start Quote

But still I'd rather be famous than righteous or holy, any day.


End Quote

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