Hahn, White Lion’s parent agency, has acquired Statistical Vision.
Our new agency combines predictive data with powerful design to make the complex, irresistibly compelling.

Nick Kramer

V.P. Web Enablement

About Nick

Nick plays a vital role as the primary voice of White Lion. He leverages his background in graphic design, corporate identity, and interactive development to provide White Lion clients and prospects with the guidance to plan and implement effective web strategies. An Austin native, he offers a unique ability to demystify the Web and illustrate its potential. Nick has over two decades of industry experience and received his Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Design from Texas State University.

Nick takes great pride in being a below average softball player, avid football fanatic, and expert maker of super hot homemade habanero sauce.

Extraordinary Interest:

  • Queso connoisseur
  • Titans and Longhorns fan
  • Idiom master
  • Pepperoni roll eating champion
  • Great back seat driver
  • Explainer extraordinaire

Favorite Quote:

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Start Quote

It is better to know how to learn than to know.

Dr. Suess

End Quote

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