Jared Hill

Lead Front-end Developer

After departing the University of Texas in 2010 with a degree in magazine journalism, the logical next step for Jared was to pursue a career in web design and development. Nearly a decade later, he has shifted his focus fully to front-end development with a particular concern for developing intuitive user interfaces supported by clean, modular, reusable code.

Since joining White Lion, Jared has welcomed two children into the world. Therefore, when not at work, he is doing all he can to become a better father and husband, while sometimes enjoying time to himself and indulging in movies, TV shows, books and graphic novels – always with a cup of cold brew coffee in hand.

Jared Hill

Extraordinary interests:

  • Consuming tacos for every meal
  • Sipping nitro cold brew
  • Listening to a combination of folk music and hip-hop
  • Always watching (but frequently disappointed by) Texas Longhorns Football
  • Playing mediocre basketball
  • Reading (often indie but sometimes mainstream) graphic novels
  • Loving my wife
  • Rearing children
  • Learning and pursuing the heart and ways of Jesus

Favorite quote:

"A man is a man, no more, no less. The awareness of this fact marks the supreme moment of human dignity."

Howard Thurman, Jesus and the Disinherited

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