Anthony Carrano

Chief Marketing Officer

Since 2000, Anthony has operated as a results-driven professional with progressive experience leading people, implementing strategies, and optimizing systems, specifically in the areas of brand development, marketing strategy, and digital asset optimization for startups, non-profits, schools, and small businesses. By using an agile development philosophy, he is able to strategically and systemically develop immediate, actionable strategies and collaborative implementation plans that get results for our clients.

Although very skilled in developing lean go-to-market strategies, systems that earn trusted advisor status, and message development, he is passionate about helping people fulfill their purpose, realize their potential, and give back to those in need. He enjoys working with growth-oriented teams who want to make a difference and value creating positive connections, leading boldly, and delivering results that are memorable and measurable while giving more and expecting greatness. This begins with a collaborative, half day Visioneering Session designed to prioritize the gaps and accelerate the opportunities in line with your brand promise and corporate values while aligning and empowering resources and talent towards those goals.

Based in Austin, he has been recognized as a knowledge leader in the areas of Brand Amplification and Lean Marketing, through the publishing of a series of eBooks, workshops, and speaking invitations at conferences and colleges on various subjects, from Branding, Landing Page Design, and Lean Startup Marketing Strategies. Additionally, Anthony has a successful track record helping clients with strategy and overcoming other organizational challenges.

Anthony Carrano

Extraordinary interests:

  • Basketball Coach
  • Organic Suburban Farmer
  • Amateur Numismatist
  • History Buff
  • Workshop Presenter
  • Instant Change Creator
  • Homemade Pasta Cook

Favorite quote:

"Champions aren’t made in the ring, they are merely recognized there. What you cheat on in the early light of morning will show up in the ring under the bright lights."

Joe Frazier

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